Political Parties

Must I choose a political party when I register? 

Kentucky allows registration for three political distinctions:

  • Democratic Party

  • Republican Party

  • Other 

Kentucky has closed party primary elections. You must register as a Democrat or Republican to vote in that party's May primary election. If you register as "Other", you may vote in nonpartisan, city and judicial primaries, but not in the Democratic or Republican party primaries. All eligible voters can vote in the November general election.

May I change my political party affiliation? 

You may change your political party affiliation at any time on or before December 31 to remain eligible to vote in the following primary election. You simply need to update your party affiliation on the Secretary of State’s Website: www.GoVoteKY.com or fill out a new voter registration card and return it to your county clerk by the December 31 deadline.

Update your political party affiliation here