To be eligible to vote refer to the appropriate situation below:

You move within the county:

  • Notify the County Clerk of your new address or update your driver's license. The county clerk will tell you the location of your new voting precinct. If you do not do this before election day, you must go to the voting precinct of your new address to vote and update your voter registration address.

You move outside the county more than 28 days before election day:

  • Update your voter registration address with the new county clerk or renew your driver's license in the new county at least 28 days before the election. If you do not notify the county clerk in either your old county or your new county of residence 28 days prior to an election, you are not eligible to vote in either county.

You move outside the county less than 28 days before the election:

  • You may vote in your previous county of residence for this election, but must update your address.

You temporarily reside outside of Kentucky, but are eligible to vote in Kentucky: