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The LWV non-partisan, personalized voting guide is your one-stop portal for election information! Find out which candidates will be on your ballot based on your precinct. Candidate answers to questions related to their experience, stances and ideas can help you make an informed decision on November 5th.

2019-20 Essay Contest is
now accepting entries.

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Our Mission:

Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy.

The League of Women Voters of Lexington, KY is the local chapter of a national nonpartisan political organization that works to encourage the informed and active participation of citizens in government.


What the League does...

We work to help keep citizens engaged in the democratic process through voter education, studying issues, defining League positions related to them, and working to pass effective legislation to address them. The League also participates in voter registration drives, candidate forums, and various community programs.

We believe informed voting is key to allowing our government to function as a representation of its citizens; each citizen should have their voice be heard through exercising their right to vote.

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Our Programs

The League of Women Voters of Lexington strives to provide a service to our community of citizens.  We work to educate people on the importance of voting, addressing voter issues and barriers to free and fair elections. Our programs are expanding, following the interests of new and existing members.


Candidate Forums

The LWV provides a fair, structured  format for candidates to share their ideas and stances with the voting public. 

Community Conversations

Throughout the year the League identifies concerns in the community,  then invites local experts to discuss the issue, stimulate a conversation and inform potential actions.

Voter Registration

The League provides voter registration at various community centers, festivals, living facilities and other events and spaces. 

Observer Corps

Volunteers attend government and community meetings to ensure transparency in decision-making. 

Essay Contest

Each year the League sponsors an essay contest to challenge local high school students to write thoughtfully about issues related to voting and other topics of public policy.

Naturalization Ceremonies

Within minutes of becoming a citizen, the League is there to help our country's newest citizens take the first step in their civic responsibilities: registering to vote!

Voter Enfranchisement

Whether it is the challenge of partisan-drawn voting districts or the obstacles faced by ex-felons seeking to regain their civil rights, the League works to identify barriers to a working democracy. Every citizen deserves to have their voice heard and to have fair representation in government.



“The essay contest inspired me to think critically about my democracy in a way that I had never had to before. Not only was I led to examine the problems facing our society today, I was also forced to confront my own responsibility to be proactive and promote real journalism and civic engagement.

I realized that it’s up to us, the citizens, to be aware of what is happening in our government, and to that end was delighted to become more involved with the League and learn about all the steps we can take to support our democracy."

—Sadie Bograd, League member since 2017


Get Involved

There are various ways that you can support the mission of the League of Women Voters! We welcome time, talent and donations!

Not sure if you are ready to join? We welcome people to volunteer (candidate forum, voter registration, naturalization ceremony, or observer corps) as a way to meet other members and see first hand what the League is accomplishing in your community!


Join the League

Become a member of the League of Women Voters, the organization that fought for women's suffrage and continues to advocate for voter rights.  It is not just for women!

Volunteer opportunities

Have you been wanting to get more involved with what is happening in the world, but don't know where to start? Check out our volunteer opportunities that only take an hour or two!

Make a Donation

Your contribution helps the League provide candidate forums and other voter outreach activities in Lexington.