2018 Essay Contest Winners


Jay Ogden Essay Contest

 This contest honors the late Jay Ogden, a longtime LWV member who believed students should be prepared to be informed citizens. As informed citizens, we examine events around us and form educated opinions that shape what we say and do. This contest is offered as an opportunity to think about an issue and then, through the writing process, to develop and explain a position on the topic. 

Topic: Listen, Write, Learn 

In a country where we seem to be more divided than united and it is easier to argue than to respectfully discuss, the Lexington League of Women Voters posed a writing challenge for this year’s essay intended to foster conversation, critical thinking and reflective writing. 

2018 Essay Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners!
Thank you to all the participants of this year’s contest, we hope you will enter again next year! A special thank you to the teachers who encouraged their students to submit essays!